The band was really good. I love how really great punk can engage audience members who have probably never even heard the music. I saw the girls Dave sang to, walk out with merch. So you know they appreciated the good time. I did. Thanks, Al. I have never seen him mic’d before, he has a strong voice.

One of the first songs in the set was Quentin, written by Al. Great show.

Next, a couple of excerpts from an old MRR interview with MDC

Dave Dictor of MDC
Most of the current line-up, except the bassist, who was great.


DAVE: If there’s anything MDC says, it’s take yourself seriously, don’t waste too much of your time. People use drugs, and that’s okay, we’re not holy rollers and we’re not straight edge, but just don’t fuck up and waste your time. Don’t let drugs use you. I read something that was in a letter in one ‘zine about how they hated the school system so bad. They said people are ruling over others, they had to vote in a school election for one person or another, and that’s where it starts. You have to choose somebody who is going to rule you. Think about it. Don’t let people rule you.

…And if these friends fuck you up and don’t let you be who you are, change your friends. Enjoy yourself, not meaning disregard what we’ve been saying, like ignore all this and just have fun while there’s time, but just enjoy yourself because you know that you’re doing the best you can do. Like the fact that I’m not a fucking corporate slave working 9 to 5, and that we live in a beer vat. I sleep in an air shaft and Frank and Al live on foam mattresses on either side, and Ron lives in the van. It’s very spartan, but I’m having more fun and more good feelings about my life than I ever did, than when I was 17 living in mommy’s house with mommy’s car and daddy bringing home the paycheck. Those days were okay, and were part of my growing up, but don’t get caught in the bourgeois trip of supporting your new car to support your expensive apartment to support fuckin’ big business who support whatever. You can have fun and do what you want to do and feel meaningful. And try to find people who will help you along that way and not fight you. That’s it.

I love the attitude that Dave has that just not being an asshole will be enough to make the community better.


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