>Hey, I have outflanked cops in downtown Berkeley. Literally, we have split off from a group headed straight down Elsworth, in order to circle around and come up behind the cops following down Ellsworth. We were just fucking with them, there wasn’t anyone in the main group who would have seen that they could stop and hem the smaller group of cops in. But the cops realized their tactical mistake and took off running. Well, maybe when we yelled, “Look, there they are! Let’s stop ’em!” And maybe all the pointing we did at ’em and all my friends saying, “yeah, Yeah, YEAH.” Maybe they should have run, just on principle.

So I know that the cops are thinking tactics no matter how peaceful the crowd. They’d be fools not to. I’m just really questioning at this point whether we should actually be buying into the bullshit and telling each other to refrain from property assault. See, because I have been there at peaceful protests which had permits, and legitimate concerns about public safety are not the concern of the cops. They are afraid only of the crowd, when should be fearful of each other. And then there’s the point when the anger, resentment, and fear that we felt for these rent-a-cops for the wealthy, turns into an impulsive kind of catharsis that your mind and heart give up to completely, with no thought for pacifism or non-violent resistance. And then all of a sudden, you find yourself reaching for and snatching the gun and holster off a cop’s belt.


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