> This message is from Verbena of Redwood Curtain CopWatch:

Saturday I spoke very briefly with the man who’s face was smashed by Arcata Police Officer, Brian Hoffman. He is out of jail and is NOT (as we initially thought) the same man who is locked up with a broken arm and leg, apparently due to police violence. I was relieved to hear “Joe” say that he was out of jail and his legs and arms were fine.

While Joe’s limbs are fine, he sustains injuries to his face; and we now understand that there is an additional man (whom our comrade heard about Friday, Aug 30th) who is in jail and who’s leg and arm were broken by the police in that week.

In close proximity and within a short period of time, the local cops have attacked and injured TWO black men- Joe and the above-mentioned man with whom we have yet to speak.

Abusive local cops and historically racist policing…

Our comrade will be following up to investigate further details about the man who suffers the broken bones.



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