Neo-Nazis Exploit Oakland’s Tragedy to Target Activist Hubs and DIY Venues Nationwide

O. there is no way this tactic could stop us. Can’t you just see us organizing on the street corners and in homeless shelters, maybe city hall because we are ALL made homeless by the fascists? In fact, if public housing gets any more shut down, I might just have to invade one o those empty mansions.

“These places are open hotbeds of liberal radicalism and degeneracy and now YOU can stop them by reporting all such places you may be or may become aware of to the authorities, specifically the local fire marshel [sic],” the poster wrote. “Watch them and follow them to their hives. Infiltrate social circles, go to parties/events, record evidence and report it. We’ve got them on the run but now we must crush their nests before they can regroup!”The original 4chan thread has since been archived, but the discussions have moved to other anonymous message boards including 8chan and Discord.

The threads are filled with racial slurs, Nazi-related memes, lists of DIY spaces across the country and advice from posters about just how to target them. One poster emphasized that, “Fate has presented us this opportunity to strike the left at its core and destabilise [sic] them.”The posters refer to their new campaign as the “Right Wing Safety Squad,” using “SS” for short, in an apparent reference to Hitler’s Schutzstaffel paramilitary force. Many memes are also tagged with the acronym “MASA,” or “Make America Safe Again.”

Source: Neo-Nazis Exploit Oakland’s Tragedy to Target Activist Hubs and DIY Venues Nationwide

Detached as he promised to be in his campaign

Crime Dropped Significantly Under Ron Dellums | Politics & Government | Oakland, Berkeley, Bay Area & California | Robert Gammon

DECEMBER 15, 2010 By Robert Gammon

Critics relentlessly skewered Ron Dellums throughout his mayoral tenure for being detached from his job. Some of those criticisms were legitimate. But when historians look back at the ex-Congressman’s four years as mayor of Oakland, they may not be so harsh, particularly when examining violent crime in Oakland.

That’s because there’s no denying the fact that homicides and other violent crimes dropped significantly on Dellums’ watch.Through November 28, homicides were down in Oakland by 19 percent year-to-date compared to 2009. There were 77 homicides through November 28, compared to 95 over the same time period last year, according to police department statistics. Homicides also have plummeted 31 percent since Dellums’ first year in office. In 2007, there were 111 homicides through the end of November of that year.

Source: Crime Dropped Significantly Under Ron Dellums | Politics & Government | Oakland, Berkeley, Bay Area & California | Robert Gammon

Typical response to reform

Disturbing New Evidence About OPD | East Bay Express by Ali Winston

Can we fire Pope right now? That would be great

OCTOBER 10, 2012

Among other things, the new evidence shows that department trainers and commanders have been telling city residents, and possibly new police recruits, that Oakland cops shoot suspects because they’re no longer allowed to beat them up.According to sworn testimony from Jan Gilbrecht, a private investigator who attended an Oakland Citizens’ Police Academy on May 21, OPD Sergeant Randy Pope told attendees of the academy that Oakland was traditionally a “blue-collar kind of town,” with a “blue-collar police force that maybe in the past was a little ‘hands on’ with folks, liked to put their hands on people and maybe got rough sometimes, but did not have that many officer-involved shootings.”

According to Gilbrecht, Pope then talked about the federal consent decree that mandated reforms of OPD following The Riders scandal early last decade: “Some city lawyers came in and said, ‘We want a white-collar kind of force now,'” and the city agreed to the reforms.

Pope then added that he believes Oakland cops have become less inclined to use physical force on suspects, resulting in fewer complaints, but that they fire their weapons more frequently at suspects.

“What do I know, I just look at the situation and do the math. It’s more physical-use-of-force complaints but more live bad guys on the other hand, versus the NSA and more shootings on the other hand. What do you choose?” Pope asked the audience.The Citizens’ Police Academy is designed to enlist city residents to help police combat crime in Oakland.

Even more alarming is the fact that Sergeant Pope, who lives in the far-East Bay suburb of Oakley, is a firearms and use-of-force instructor at OPD’s training academy for new police recruits. His comments to the citizens’ academy thus raise concerns as to whether he’s repeating the same statements to new police officers, telling them that the federal consent decree leaves them little choice but to shoot suspects. Pope’s comments also are in stark contrast to official statements from OPD brass that the consent decree is not hampering police work. “It’s telling that they’ll say this in a room full of citizens in the Eastmont substation — and it’s completely opposite to what they say in court,”

Chanin said in an interview.The evidence uncovered by Burris and Chanin also offers insight into the contempt that some OPD line officers have for federal Judge Thelton Henderson, a civil rights hero and Carter administration appointee who oversees the consent decree and was responsible for reforming the state’s troubled prison health care system. Henderson will decide whether OPD is put in federal receivership. According to sworn testimony from Nancy Appel, an associate director at the Anti-Defamation League who also attended the spring 2012 Citizens’ Police Academy, Sergeant Greg Porritt told attendees that Judge Henderson “has an agenda,” was “in the SLA [Symbionese Liberation Army]” or represented them in court.

Both are false assertions.

Racially insensitive, defaced photos of Henderson and Mayor Jean Quan that had been posted at OPD headquarters were also included in the court filings. The one of Henderson depicts him with enlarged eyes and exaggerated lips, and one of the images of Quan shows her standing alone by a police car with dragon wings, horns, and slitted eyes drawn on her by a blue pen. There’s also a photo of Quan and former Mayor Ron Dellums that looks as if it was used for a dartboard. The caption stated: “If you thought Ron Dellums was a good Mayor…YOU’LL LOVE JEAN QUAN.”The Express previously reported about a flyer posted on a bulletin board at OPD’s basement training range in winter 2010. According to police sources, the flyer, which superimposed a picture of a World War II fighter pilot over derogatory language about anti-war liberals, was still posted there until August.The several hundred pages of evidence filed by Burris and Chanin trace the past ten years of stop-and-start reform, including the

Source: Disturbing New Evidence About OPD | East Bay Express

First they Came for the Homeless

Last I heard, the Dwight shelter had cut down the beds they offer by half. Berkeley doesn’t seem to be able to run the homeless programs with any efficiency. Only the lucky few get a bed and they are expected to behave obediently without complaint as charity should.

It would be so much easier and a quick-fix to just let the homeless camp in aquatic park or some place else.  They aren’t going anywhere now that’s more out of sight.

Jenna Lyons | on November 17, 2016

Before dawn Thursday, Mike Lee left his encampment at Allston Way and Milvia Street in Berkeley to get coffee at a nearby gas station.

When he returned, he found out that he’d lost everything he had except the clothes on his back. All of his personal belongings at the encampment, including his extra clothes, shoes and blanket, had been seized.

Lee said he’s been homeless for the past two years, but a traveling tent community has become his makeshift home, where he sleeps, eats, and protests Berkeley’s homeless policies with homeless activists.

who is also with Veterans for Peace tells Berkeley Police Officers his opinion about them outside of the US Postal Office on Allston Way after Berkeley PD removed the camp earlier in the morning from their spot across the street and then came back to tell the group they could not block the sidewalk outside of the Postal Office Nov. 17, 2016 in downtown Berkeley, Calif. The group of homeless were moved by the Berkeley Police Department from the lawn where they had been camping outside of the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center early on Thursday morning. The encampment, which calls itself “First they Came for the Homeless” has been protesting the Berkeley food and housing project for weeks.
Berkeley police officers shooed the group of about 20 homeless people .

“I have a heart condition, and I’m 61 years old with no blanket this morning,” Lee said Thursday between sniffles. “We have 30 police officers here evicting homeless people instead of getting bad guys.”

Some of Berkeley’s homeless said they were missing more than blankets, claiming their laptops had been confiscated by authorities.

Those in the group took the belongings they still had and set up less than a block away on the steps of the Berkeley Post Office, once the site of its own homeless encampment that lasted nearly two years.

By 9 a.m., postal service officers were on scene telling them they had to move their property off of the steps.

They relocated their heap of property — ranging from tents and backpacks to a bottle of vanilla Coke and a pet rat ironically named Cat — about 5 feet away from the steps of the office.

By 10 a.m., Berkeley police officers told them once again they had to leave.

The group had been holding a mobile protest, setting up camp communities in the city as they advocate for their own tent city. They had three demands: a legal campsite where homeless people can pitch tents, an ending of criminalization of the homelessness and more affordable housing.

It was the seventh time they’d been evicted from a spot in two months, Lee said.

Evictions reached a boiling point on Nov. 4, when District 2 City Council candidate Nanci Armstrong-Temple was arrested at one of their former spots at Adeline and Fairview streets.

The district attorney’s office later decided not to file charges against Armstrong-Temple.

The last official count of Berkeley’s homeless population, taken in January 2015 by the Alameda County organization EveryOne Home, tallied 834 homeless individuals, although some suspect the number is closer to 1,000. Of those in the count, 266 were sheltered and 568 were unsheltered, city officials said.



Leftist russophilia

It’s upsetting to me that his audience takes his word as sacred. He’s at best parroting the information putin puts out through russia today. You can’t ask someone in moscow a question about maidan and expect a primary source perspective. Only the ukrainians know about the snipers that opened fire on the plaza. there’s no reason to think the russians know better than the people who were there.

Ukraine specialists are quite aware of what some have called the Ukrainophobic ranting of Stephen Cohen.  However, this historian who before 2014 never wrote as much as one scholarly article about Ukraine, yet suddenly felt obliged to pontificate about the country, is not an isolated voice. He is but the tip of an iceberg of distinctly anti- Ukraine and pro-Kremlin liberal and leftist publicists, journalists, commentators, and academics who, although ignorant of Ukraine, its history, and its language, as of 2014 began defending the foreign policy interests of Russia’s ruling class in its former de facto colony.  While their writings are little if at all known by Anglo-American academic specialists on Eastern Europe and Russia, they do figure in the mass media and influence ill-informed popular opinion and policy. They undoubtedly played a role in ensuring there were no mass non-Ukrainian organized demonstrations in any European or North or South American city supporting Maidan even though it was a definite “people power” movement directed against a corrupt puppet regime of a capitalist and imperialist power.1

Pro-Kremlin leftists and liberals seem to think Putin’s Russian neoliberal capitalism preferable to Anglo-American and European neoliberal capitalism and tolerate his imperialist drive to maintain Russian hegemony if not full control over Ukraine. Such people seem to think that the rapacious and destructive greed of big bankers and corporate owners/managers in Russia is preferable to that of their European and American counterparts, even though the former enjoy a degree of independence from governmental regulation that some of the latter can only envy. They see no similarity between Putin and his Eurasianists and George W. Bush and his Neo-cons.  The pro Kremlin leftists do not condemn Putin for turning Russia into a neo-Soviet kleptocratic autocracy or label as imperialist his expansionist wars west and south. Much concerned about the activities of the CIA and NSA, they show no similar concern for the activities of the GRU and FSB.

Since 1991, such leftists have either been silent on or supportive of regimes in China, North Africa, Syria, North Korea, Zimbabwe, the Congo, and, most recently, fundamentalist Islamists and fascist Arab Baathists. Such leftists ignored issues like the Chernobyl disaster, the North Korean government purchase of submarines from Russia for millions of dollars in 1994 during the height of the country’s famine, and the massacres in Rwanda. Today to this list one can add Putin’s Russia and neo-Nazi and fascist parties – both EU and Russian. Alongside issues such as Russophilism, material interest and simple ignorance, another explanation for this double standard is that such leftists analyze events in terms of anti-Americanism rather than anti-imperialism. This attitude results in condemning Anglo-American and European neoliberal capitalism but not Russian neoliberal capitalism.Anti-Americanism is a set of beliefs that classifies imperialism as a singular specific American rather than global phenomenon and discounts or ignores competition between imperialists and intra-capitalist rivalries.

Source: Leftists, Liberals, and Ukraine: A Tale of Double Standards, by Stephen Velychenko | KRYTYKA

Oh so phobic, team squirrel, I wish that squirrel had ended him with the flashy tail finishing move


Squirrel hospitalizes Chicago politician who spoke out against squirrels |

Howard Brookins Jr., the alderman for Chicago’s 21st ward, had publicly spoken out about a toothy menace plaguing the city’s garbage carts: urban squirrels, which in Brookins’s view were “aggressive,” and aggressively damaging the trash cart lids.He now has another reason to dislike the rodents. One recently sent him to the hospital with a skull fracture in a “freak bicycle accident,” as the alderman wrote on Facebook.

Source: Squirrel hospitalizes Chicago politician who spoke out against squirrels |